Our Business Terms

We are committed to making a full and honest disclosure of our product features and contract terms to our customers. We use our best endeavours to conduct our business in compliance with the Telecommunications Consumer Protection (TCP) Code.

Our commitment to comply with the TCP Code is exemplified by our adoption of a TCP Code Compliance Plan. Important information that you should know about our TCP Code compliance obligations can be found in the Communications Alliance prepared Protecting Our Customers TCP Code Brochure. Our Customer Information Compliance Statement 2014  and Useful Information about Nobleheart’s Services also set out some important information that you should know about our services. You are invited to review these documents. Please do not hesitate to contact Nobleheart Telecommunications should you have any questions in regard to the information contained in these documents or our compliance obligations under the TCP Code.

We endorse efforts by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) to elevate the standards of disclosure and information required to be made available to consumers of telecommunications products under the TCP Code.

In making details of our products’ features and our contract terms easily available to the market, we provide prospective customers with the resources to make an informed decision when selecting telecommunications products available from Nobleheart.


Our various Business Terms and Policies may be accessed by selecting from the following links:

Service application form

This Application Form sets out information about the Customer and the services and equipment that the Customer is requesting Nobleheart to provide, and in conjunction with the Standard Form of Agreement, forms the basis of the contract or agreement between Nobleheart and the Customer in respect of the supply of those services and equipment.

Nobleheart Service Application – September 2014

Direct debit form

Nobleheart Direct Debit Form – September 2014

Standard form of agreement

This is the Standard Form of Agreement under which terms we are obliged to contract with our customers, as prescribed by the Telecommunications Act 1997. This Agreement, last updated in January 2011, has been reviewed by ACMA and found to be consistent with the Code.

Standard Form of Agreement (SFOA) Feb 2012

Ancillary charges

Ancillary Charges Feb 2013

Please ensure that you have read and understood all of these charges before utilising Nobleheart’s products and services.

Sample invoice

Sample Bill

Appointment of advocate or authorised representative

Notice of Appointment of Advocate or Authorised Representative

Fair use policy

Sets out our policy in regard to a customer’s fair use of services provided via the Optus Mobile Digital network.

Fair Use Policy Feb 2012

Acceptable usage policy

Sets out our policy in regard to a customer’s acceptable usage of broadband internet connection services.

Acceptable Usage Policy Feb 2012

Customer complaints policy

Customer Complaints Policy August 2015

Customer service guarantee

Customer Service Guarantee Feb 2012

Financial hardship policy

Financial Hardship Policy Sep 2013

Privacy policy

Privacy Policy Feb 2012

Website terms of use

Website Terms of Use Feb 2012

Customer Notifications

We regularly keep our customers informed about new services and rates and prudent management tools via our Customer Notifications.

Mobile Data Usage SMS Warnings 23oct13

Mobile Roaming Rates Coming Down 11nov2013

Fraud Prevention for HV Phone Services 2dec13

Updating Auto Attendant and Voicemail 30dec13


In accordance with the Telecommunications Consumer Protection (TCP) Code we set out in the following document what you will be charged, across our product range, for 2 minute calls to and from a mobile service, and any excess data costs associated with our mobile phone products.

Download – 2 minute call and excess data cost


In accordance with the Telecommunications Consumer Protection (TCP) Code we set out in the following document what you will be charged, when you use your mobile phone or devices, which are connected to the local Optus network, outside Australia.

International Roaming Optus Mobile S14


Our Product Brochures, updated in September 2014, describe our products and detail any special terms and conditions applying to individual products, including a disclosure of the total minimum cost to the Customer over the contracted term of agreement between Nobleheart and the customer. Please click on the link below to view our Product Brochures.

product brochures button


In accordance with the TCP Code, Critical Information Summaries, which set out important information about each of the products and services that we offer to supply to Customers, are made available to Customers before the Customer enters into a contract or agreement with Nobleheart in respect of the purchase of any of those products and services. Please review the Critical Information Summaries, updated in September 2014, for each of our products and services by selecting the link below.

critical info button

Please contact us on 1300 006 416 to speak to a person in Australia if you have any questions about our business terms, or email us at connected@nobleheart.com.au

  • Testimonial from HIFX (Aust) Pty Ltd

    "We like the fact that Nobleheart is independent of the major carriers and we have no reservation in recommending Nobleheart as a reliable provider of our business communications."
  • Testimonial from Stanley & Williamson

    “… one of the other benefits of Nobleheart is the ability to have one point of communication to solve any issues we might have with our telecommunications services.”
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